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What Does a Technical Services Manager Do?


Padiham Glass Ltd has always put great emphasis on making investments and improvements to their business. There have been many such changes in recent months, and now Padiham Glass Ltd is proud to announce the appointment of Damian Wilkinson as Technical Services Manager

Damian’s position has been created in response to recent the appointment of Trevor Crossley as Quality Assurance Manager, and the two will work very closely together in implementing a continuous improvement plan throughout the company.

Speaking about the new role, Damian said he was settling in well, and it’s no wonder. “In about 1997 I started working for Padiham Glass Ltd as a trainee in the decorative department doing leadwork,” said Damian. “I actually only left just under a year ago to take on an opportunity to help a new company grow, so it feels like I never really left!”

Padiham Glass Ltd has been a family-run business since day one and continues to remain under the family’s leadership. The importance of family was something that Damian considered when he was approached about the role. “I was doing so much commuting at this other job that I had hardly any time at home. Not great when you’ve got three young ‘uns!” said Damian. “So when Anthony, the MD, asked me to come and see him to talk about what the business needed, it seemed like a really good opportunity, a chance for me to develop the role and learn some new skills myself along the way.”

Padiham Glass Ltd has put a heavy focus on improving quality this year and Damian’s appointment will support the drive to produce better products in a more efficient way. So what does a Technical Services Manager do?

“Damian’s role will be specific to all planned and unplanned machinery maintenance”, said Anthony Clarkson, Managing Director of Padiham Glass Ltd, “as well as providing technical support and training to our production facility staff.”

Speaking further about Damian’s return to the business, Anthony said: “This is fantastic appointment for our operations as he will strengthen our manufacturing capabilities with his knowledge and experience.”

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