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Going Paperless


Padiham Glass has gone through many changes in 36 years of businees. We believe this next big change will benefit us, our customers, our suppliers and even the planet.

Following in the footsteps of our suppliers and exemplifying the examples set by the banks, Padiham Glass is going to go paperless with regards to invoicing and statements.

Currently we are printing around 1000 pages a week for invoices, which are then posted out. This equates to 5kg of paper a week, approximately 250kg a year - the equivalent of a quarter of a tonne in paper every year on invoicing alone!

This is an incredible quantity of paper and the postage costs are rising every year. Environmentally, this is a completely out-of-date way of operating and we are in a position now where we have to take the plunge and roll out paperless invoicing across the board.

Need more convincing?:

  • Privacy - Digital documents can be encrypted while physical documents are open to prying eyes.
  • Spills - A work desk can also act as storage, footstool and lunch table - all can leave a mark on documents. 
  • Mixups - Documents open to an office environment can sometimes accidentally be misplaced.
  • Missing Pages - It can be easy to misplace a single piece of a multi-page document without even realising it.
  • Shredding - Even proper disposal carries risks and extra chances for error. It take time and costs money.

By making our business a little more ‘green’, we are not only helping the environment but we are also reducing administrative labour which helps us to be more efficient. Being more efficient helps us to save money which can be reinvested into other aspects of our Customer Services.

It’s worth noting that we also print about 2000 pages of delivery notes every week - half a tonne in paper every year! While there are no plans to change this at present we do have some customers trialling an electronic delivery report system so please let us know if you would like to know more by hitting the button below!

Electronic Invoicing will be rolled out to all of our customers from
Monday 11th October
All we need from you is confirmation of the email address where you wish the invoices to be sent. This must be confirmed by Sunday 10th October 2016. Click below to ensure you never miss an invoice again!

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